Cuzco’s Gastronomy is the heir of the rich Andean tradition, but also of the cuisine brought by the conquerors. The first one provides ingredients such as potatoes, corn, quinoa, guinea pigs, various kinds of peppers and condiments such as huacatay. The second one provides meats especially of pork and mutton, wheat among others, also cooking methods such as fried and roasted.

Today Cusco, a cosmopolitan city, boasts a wide gastronomic offer, but still the Chicherías and Picanterías that serve typical foods keep their validity and are attended by locals and tourists. Among the most representative dishes there are: Cachun Chuño, baked stew based on white and black chuño (kind of potato) with fresh or buttery cheese and milk. Baked pork, roast pork made with Cusco spices. Chicharrón a la Cusqueña, pork meat seasoned with the unmistakable Cusco flavor, fried in coppers, served in breakfast. Chiri Uchu, cold dish based on guinea pig, boiled chicken, sausage, fresh cheese, corn, trout eggcup, corn tortilla and cochayuyo (seaweed) and do not forget the rocoto (kind of pepper). Chuño Cola, Olluquito with Charqui, Pepian de Cuy, Khapchi Cheese, Quinua Atamalada and Timpu or stew. Quite an experience for the palate!

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