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Transport and guide will be waiting at the hotel for the beginning of your tour. Visit Tipón, Pikillaqta and Andahuaylillas. At proper time transfer back to your hotel. End of our services.

Departure Days: Daily

Duration: 4hs

Departure Hours: 09:00hs and 13:00hs


Located east of Cusco, are Inca ruins which may have been a park for the upper class or an agricultural centrum. Even today water rushes through the channels, and the wide terraces are in perfect condition. Several surrounding ruins have been excavated, and many more are visible below the soil.

The Tipon complex is 27 km southeast of Cusco. It contains enclosures, terraces and an intact canal. The upper complex is crossed by the Inca Trail with an irrigation canal.

The site was probably used as a laboratory of agricultural products because of the various micro-climates found within the complex. Tipon is considered one of the 16 most important archaeological tours for tourists who visit the area.


Quechua piki flea, llaqta a place (village, town, community, country, nation), “flea place”, hispanicized and mixed spellings Piki Llacta, Pikillacta, Piquillacta, Piquillaqta is a large Wari culture archaeological site 20 km east of Cusco in the Quispicanchi Province.

Pikillaqta is a village of the Wari people. Wari was the center village and other cities like Pikillaqta were influenced from it. The Wari also inhabited many other sites around the area. The site was occupied from about 550 to 1100AD. Its main use was for ceremonies and the site was no complete when it was abandoned.


The Andahuaylillas District is one of the twelve districts in the Quispicanchi Province in Peru. Created on January 2, 1857, its capital is the town of Andahuaylillas. It is located 45 km South of Cusco.

The main attraction of Andahuaylillas is its baroque church dedicated to Saint Peter the Apostle. The church is nicknamed “the Sistine Chapel of America” because of the magnificent frescos that adorn its walls.

Andahuaylillas is one of the main stages of the Andean Baroque Route along with Cusco, Huaro and Urcos.


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