The city of Cusco is located at an altitude of 3,350 m.a.s.l., and Machu Picchu is located at a height of 2,400 m.a.s.l. Also, Machu Picchu is at 13 degrees south latitude, so that the winters in this area (JUN-SEP) correspond to the summer of the northern hemisphere (USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia …). However, the rainy season runs from October to April, so the hottest months go from May to September, but there may be random rain or sun, as is typical in a mountain environment. Fogs often arise early in the morning from the Urubamba River, and they dissipate at noon.

The High season (JUN-AGT) is generally the dry season in the mountains and in the jungle of Peru; this is the best time for hiking and/ or trekking in the mountains.

During the Mid season (SEP-NOV & MAR-MAY) occasional rains occur in the mountains, it is ideal to visit at this time as there is less tourist attendance.

The Low season (DEC-FEB) is the rainy season in the mountains and in the jungle it is very wet. On the other hand, on the coast of Peru it is summer and ideal for beach activities.

In the Andes, where Machu Picchu and Cusco are located, the temperature can drop from      20 °C during the day to 2 °C at night.